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Protection Bundle

Protection Bundle

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The bundle with all the essentials to get you started with cleansing and protecting your space. Our Protection Bundle includes:

White Sage Stick ~ Sage cleansing also known as smudging, is believed to cleanse and purify your home/crystals from any negative energy and fill your space with peace, harmony and protection.
Palo Santo Stick ~ It's name translates to ‘holy wood”. It's believed to cleanse personal negative energy and spirits away, and invite positive energy and thoughts.
Selenite Rod ~ Selenite is believed to provide guidance, clarity and support to clear your mind. It's also used to cleanse and charge crystals and renew their energy.
Black Obsidian Tumble ~ Spiritually believed to be a highly protective stone, great for protection and keeping negative energies away.
Sea Salt ~ Is not for consumption but may be used to extinguish your Palo Santo Stick and Sage Stick.
Abalone Shell ~ Use as your smudge bowl.

Crystals are a unique product from nature so colours, shapes and sizes may vary. Please know, we hand pick each crystal from our trusted suppliers, to ensure that you receive beautiful pieces in your order.

All of our crystals are ethically sourced.

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Care Instructions & Tips

Think about why you are cleansing. While you are thinking about your intention, light the tip of your palo santo stick/sage stick and let it burn for a few seconds. Then, blow out the flame, allowing it to smoulder.

Gently guide the smoke around the space or objects you'd like to cleanse. You may repeat your intentions either out load or in your own mind as you do this.

Feel free to focus on the movement of the smoke and welcome the shift of energy.

When you're finished, gently place the smouldering stick in a fire-proof bowl of sand, soil or salt to put it out.

WARNING: Never leave smouldering or lit palo santo stick/sage stick unattended.

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