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BAMBOO & MUSK | Crystal Infused Diffuser

BAMBOO & MUSK | Crystal Infused Diffuser

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Bamboo & Musk Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Infused Diffuser

~ 200ml ~ 

Looking for a diffuser that doesn't just smell amazing, but looks pretty too?
Our Crystal Infused Diffusers do just that! They are the perfect way to re-charge & freshen any space. The white fibre reeds release a continuous, long lasting scent throughout your home, while the Rainbow Moonstone crystals encourage happiness and hope.
We immerse dried flowers and Rainbow Moonstone crystals in our Bamboo & Musk scented oil and showcase them in a beautiful glass bottle topped with a timber lid.
Hand made by us in Melbourne, each diffuser is unique in it's own way.

Crystals: Rainbow Moonstone
Spiritually, it's believed to add light and happiness to life, while providing balance and easing feelings of hopelessness. It's said to protect against subconscious emotions to enable higher awareness and enhance intuition..

Scent: Bamboo & Musk

Top Notes: Bamboo, mandarin
Middle Notes: Amber, cedarwood
Base Notes: Sandalwood, patchouli


~ Preserved Dried Flowers.

~ Ethically Sourced Crystals.

~ Glass diffuser bottle with timber lid.

~ White diffuser reed sticks.

Shipping & Returns

~ Australia Wide Shipping Available. See Shipping & Delivery Policy for more details

~ Please see our returns policy in our T&C's for more details.

Net Weight

~ 200ml

Care Instructions

Reed Diffuser - How to use

· Unscrew cap and remove plug carefully.

· Screw the cap back on and place all reeds in the bottle, after 10 minutes flip and place the reeds back into the bottle, allowing the saturated ends to be exposed.

· Place bottle on tray to protect surfaces in case of spillage and ensure it is assembled on a stable surface.

· You can rotate your reeds weekly or when required to refresh the scent.

· Air conditioning, heating, humidity and drafts can affect the longevity of your floral reed diffuser.


· Do not swallow.

· Avoid contact with eyes and skin.

· Keep out of reach of children and pets.

· Always place reed diffuser on a tray, assembled on a stable surface and do not put used reeds on surfaces.

· If spilt, clean area immediately as the liquid can damage surfaces.

· Keep away from electrical appliances, direct sunlight, naked flame and heat at all times.

· Do not ignite reeds.

· In case of accidental consumption, please contact the Poisons Information Centre on 131126.


Each crystals will vary in colour, shape and size.

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