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White Sage Sticks

White Sage Sticks

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Sage cleansing, also known as smudging, has been carried out for many years to help cleanse and purify the home, work space, crystals and any objects from negative energy, while bringing peace, harmony and protection.

This product is organically grown and sourced from sustainable farms in California.

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Care Instructions & Tips

Think about why you are cleansing. While you are thinking about your intention, light the tip of your white sage stick and let it burn for a few seconds. Then, blow out the flame, allowing it to smoulder.

Gently guide the smoke around the space or objects you'd like to cleanse. You may repeat your intentions either out load or in your own mind as you do this.

Feel free to focus on the movement of the smoke and welcome the shift of energy.

When you're finished, gently place the smouldering stick in a fire-proof bowl of sand, soil or salt to put it out.

WARNING: Never leave smouldering or lit smudge stick unattended.

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